The Everyball Tennis Coaching programme at Halton Tennis Centre takes a 3x3 approach:

Three 'overlapping' age-bands

  1. Tennis8 (up to 8 years)
  2. Tennis11 (8-11 years)
  3. Tennis18 (10-18 years)

Three tiers of aspiration and playing level

Within each of these bands are three tiers based on a player's aspiration and current playing level.

  1. Club - aspiration to play at inter/intra club level
  2. Club Perform - aspiration to play in external LTA sanctioned events in addition to above
  3. Academy - County/National standard players competing regularly/70+ matches per year

So all 42 of our squad/group sessions per week fall into one of these:

  1. Tennis8 at Club, Club Perform, Academy
  2. Tennis11 at Club, Club Perform, Academy
  3. Tennis18 at Club, Club Perform, Academy