Tennis11 Club Courses

Aspiration to play at an intra/inter club level

Club OrangeSaturday (COS)

Club Orange2GreenMonday (COGM)

Club Orange2GreenWednesday (COGW)

Club Orange2GreenFriday (COGF)

ClubGreenMonday (CGRNM)

ClubGreenFriday (CGRNF)

ClubGreenSaturday (CGRNS)

Tennis11 Club Perform Squads

Aspiration to play in external LTA sanctioned events in addition to intra/inter club

Club Perform Orange2Green Thursday 5-6.30pm (CPOGTh)

Tennis11 Academy Squads

Aspiration to compete at County/National standard

Orange Academy Tuesday 5-6.30pm (OATu)

Orange Academy Thursday 5-7pm (OaTh)

Green Academy Tuesday 5-6.30pm (GATu)

Green Academy Thursday 5-7pm (GATh)