Junior Camp: Monday 8 April - Friday 12 April; Morning session 9:00am - 12 noon; afternoon session 1pm - 4pm; Year 3 & upwards (as of Autumn Term 2023) - Approx Age 8-16 years old

Junior Tennis Camps

Holiday Camps run through holiday periods 9am-12noon (morning tennis camps) and 1.00-4.00pm  (afternoon tennis camps)

3 booking options

  1. Morning sessions only 9.00-12.00 noon
  2. Morning & afternoon sessions (9.00am - 12noon + 1.00-4.00pm  - please bring packed lunch) The lunch hour will be supervised.
  3. Afternoon sessions only 1.00-4.00pm

3 groups based on experience and ambition

  1. Aspire to 'play' - A2P -  minimal tennis experience, keen on developing all the fundamental skills enabling them to 'play the game' as quickly as possible
  2. Aspire to 'compete' - A2C - experience at school/club level, primary motivators are to improve existing skills with an aspiration to being to 'compete' more within these environments and beyond
  3. Aspire to 'excel' - A2E - tournament standard players looking to sharpen skills over the holiday period & or prepare for upcoming events (typically LTA Grade 4 events and above)

*When specifying level during the registration process please don't worry if you get it wrong as we can quickly assess where a child is in relation to their peers on the day.

What does a typical session look like? 

Morning and afternoon sessions mirror each other to a degree, with the afternoon session having a slightly heavier emphasis on match play whilst still paying close attention to skills development & acquisition.

Morning session:

- Warm-up, coordination and movement skills
- Develop rally consistency through the Everyball hard cores
- Game based theme of the day* developed through basket work/live ball exercise and conditioned points - singles and/or doubles
- Match play, individual and team based competitions depending on player level

Afternoon session:

- Warm-up, coordination and movement skills (sometimes cross-trained with another sport**)
- Rally consistency
- Review of game based theme of the day from the morning session
- Match play, individual and team based competitions 
Examples of game-based themes in which specific technical skills are developed within the framework of the 'game':
  • When both back rallying, moving the opponent with accuracy
  • When both back attacking with power forehand
  • When serving, opening up the court with wide serve and playing to space
  • When approaching/at the net, attacking with precision down the line and volley to space
  • When at net, finishing the point with overhead smash
  • When returning, neutralising the opponent with deep return down the middle

What to bring:

Please bring a filled water bottle, mid-morning snack(s) and water proof jacket.

Please bring your own racket if you have one, however we can lend you a racket

If you are participating in both a morning and afternoon session on the same day, please bring a packed lunch. Lunchtime is supervised.


For any further questions please call or email:

Mike James, Director of Tennis, [email protected]/07958 008312

April 8th, 2024 9:00 AM to April 12th, 2024 4:00 PM
Halton Tennis Centre
Chestnut End
Halton Village
Aylesbury, BKM HP22 5NS
United Kingdom
Phone: 07958 008312
Event Fee(s)
Full Week options 08/04-12/04
5 x Morning sessions £150.00
5 x Afternoon sessions £150.00
5 x Full Day Camps including lunchtime supervision £275.00
Monday 08/04
08/04 Morning only £30.00
08/04 Afternoon only £30.00
08/04 All day including lunchtime supervision £65.00
Tuesday 09/04
09/04 Morning only £30.00
09/04 Afternoon only £30.00
09/04 All day including lunchtime supervision £65.00
Wednesday 10/04
10/04 Morning only £30.00
10/04 Afternoon only £30.00
10/04 All day including lunchtime supervision £65.00
Thursday 11/04
11/04 Morning only £30.00
11/04 Afternoon only £30.00
11/04 All day including lunchtime supervision £65.00
Friday 12/04
12/04 Morning only £30.00
12/04 Afternoon only £30.00
12/04 All day including lunchtime supervision £65.00